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Haštat Hapka

This cycle of four pieces – Aspens, Spruces, Redwoods, and Lindens – for piano four hands is an original contemporary composition by a young composer, Haštal Hapka. The musical language of Trees engages with style purity and sound novelty.

We are two playing

Eduard Douša

We are two playing is a cycle, containing three compositions by Eduard Douša for children and youth. The compositions are for piano four hands and were written between the years 1970 and 2008. We are two playing, Little melodic sonatina, and Three miniatures.


Worksheet with sheet music.

Six arms endeavour…

Eduard Douša

There is not much of a piano literature for three young pianists who want to make music for fun. Therefore, the author decided to compose for this unusual ensemble six small pieces of different genres and completed it with verse names. In the music language of each compositions you can find a minuet, blues, romantic or film sound hints, but also a grotesque with modern elements.

Sonata Brevis

Eduard Douša

Three-movement sonata for piano is influenced by jazz and dedicated to the memory of an excellent composer of the first half of 20th century, Erwin Schulhoff who was a victim of the German Nazism. The author’s words about the piece: „The spontaneity of his music has always fascinated me. Therefore, I decided to tribute Erwin Schulhoff and that’s how my Sonata Brevis for piano originated.”

Martin’s Sunday. Five musical stories for piano

Jiří Hlinka

The piano cycle Martin’s Sunday wrote professor Jiří Hlinka for his son in 1986. In five small compositions for children the author connected his excellent piano skills and experience with sense of humour. It needs to be mentioned that the author’s work on the field of piano education was recognised in Norway (his other home) several times, in 2004 he was honoured with the King’s Medal of Merit in gold.

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