Sonata Brevis

Sonata Brevis

(hommage à Erwin Schulhoff)

Eduard Douša

Three-movement sonata for piano is influenced by jazz and dedicated to the memory of an excellent composer of the first half of 20th century, Erwin Schulhoff who was a victim of the German Nazism.
The author’s words about the piece: „The spontaneity of his music has always fascinated me. Therefore, I decided to tribute Erwin Schulhoff and that’s how my Sonata Brevis for piano originated.”

Author: Eduard Douša

Catalogue num.: MG 0031


Difficulty: 4

Num. of pages: 20

Format: 235×310 mm


  1. Presto e risoluto
  2. Lento sognando
  3. Presto.Molto energico


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